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Hi Randy, I just wanted to give you some feedback from my tour on 19 July (with David). I don't want to sound patronizing as I believe David is a professional photographer... but he really was exceptional and I learnt more from him in those 3hrs than I have done with countless other photographers and short courses over the years. He made the morning such fun and instilled some much needed confidence into me re my photography techniques and actually teaching me how to use my camera properly and thinking outside of the box. I am SO happy with the photographs that I was able to capture that day. I really do rate the morning as 10/10.

I'm hoping to come back to Paris in a few months and will definitely book one of your photography walks again.

Thank you so much!

Andrea, London

Thanks for the message. I had a great time with Rachel and thoroughly enjoyed the photo tour! I'm so glad I took it early in my trip (we were in Europe for two weeks and just returned home the other night) as I was able to use what Rachel taught me to take more great photos during the rest of our trip! I appreciate the links and will look at them as I want to continue to improve. I finally started downloading all the photos today - so many great ones! I'll also make sure to write a review on Trip Advisor and it will be a glowing review!
Donna, Flash Developer

The photo tour was wonderful! David was very pleasant to work with. His expertise provided me with challenges and opened my eyes to new techniques and concepts while taking photos. That combined with his insights on Paris and the location we were shooting was very informative. My wife, who was following along as a non-photographer was also very impressed and had a wonderful time.

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful outing.


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