Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Photo Tours In Paris?
Our photographers love photography and it shows in their passion and enthusiasm they convey this to our clients.  They not only help in the artistic process of creating images, but they'll talk about the latest gear, software, what’s happening in the industry and of course, talk about Paris.

You can expect to improve your photography, develop your personal vision, make new friends, discover new horizons and new cultures, have fun, experience adventure, be in awe of the wonderful city of Paris, deepen or rekindle your passion for photography, and go back with memorable photos and anecdotes.

Besides taking photographs what else can I expect?

Each tour is customized to fit the photographers objectives. If one of your goals is to improve your photography skills we can discuss:

1. Ways to become more creative
2. Learning to see - how to visualize an image
3. Composition, ISO, Shutter Speed, F-Stop
4. Panning, intentional blurring, using motion

Can you recommend what photography equipment I might need?
The great thing about Paris is that there are so many wonderful photographic possibilities close to us.  There is no need for a super telephoto lens.  The longest lens I carry from time to time is the 70-200mm.  Whether you have a point and shoot or a great digital SLR you’ll be able to capture many unique images.  

Recommended Gear:

Camera backpack
Assortment of lenses
Lots of flash cards
A flash unit (we may not use it, but it’s nice to have just in case)
Extra batteries
Tripod (night photography or low light situations) Paris has wonderful opportunities for night photography.  

How many photographers are allowed on a tour? 
The maximum number of photographers is six. Travel companions, who are not photographers can participate in the photography activates and are not counted in the maximum participants.

Is there a fee for my non-photographer/travel companion come along?

No, non-photographers/travel companions can come along without any extra fee.

How do I register for a tour? 
Use the on-line registration request form. Once we have confirmed a date and availability we will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the information, including the starting point of the tour.

For the private tours, registration email us for prices and availability.

What type of tours do you offer?

We offer several types of tours.

1. Daytime tour
2. Night tour
3. Customized tour lesson (more information below)

What are the rates for a tour? 

Duration: 3 hours


Day Tour

$165 USD

Night Tour
$275 USD

Prices are per photographer and include the City of Paris 19.60% VAT.

For the private tours, prices depend on the duration, the number of people and availability. Please call us or email us for details.

What time of the day do we start shooting?

Each tour has a different start time. I will schedule the start time around my clients travel schedule, anticipated weather and photographic objectives.

How do we meet up with you?

We meet up at a very easy to find location near the Louvre. Once your photo tour has been paid and confirmed, meeting location details will be sent to you.

When and how do I pay? 
Payments are made by secure connection via the system.

Once we have agreed upon a date and the number of photographers I'll send you an invoice via